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ANDINA Makeup Bag or Clutch - DUXSTYLE

ANDINA Makeup Bag or Clutch

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The Andina Argentina Chaguar makeup bag or clutch is a great size for all of your cosmetic needs or stash it away in your purse. In rich ivory, cognac and navy with adorning charms, these bags are keepers! 

  • Handwoven by the Wichi Community in Formosa, Argentina
  • Made entirely from Chaguar, a plant from the Gran Chaco region.
  • Chaguar threads are woven using ancient techniques.
  • Each product is handmade and unique
  • Colors: Ivory/Cognac 
  • Each clutch comes with a beaded charm
  • Approximate size:  8.5" W x 7" H 


Andina is the shared vision of three women, Caroline Elizondo, Catalina Elizondo and Celeste Bustelo.  At the core of Andina’s design aesthetic is their shared admiration for natural textiles, all things handmade and the distinct Argentinian style. In the North of Argentina, there are still some small villages of pre-Columbian cultures. These communities settled thousands of years ago on the slopes of the Pilcomayo River, maintaining a relationship of harmony and mutual respect with nature. Currently, the women of these towns make their crafts keeping the ancestral culture alive from the resources that the nature of the region provides them. The techniques and knowledge were passed between women from generation to generation. Each piece that they make is unique, weaving ties with an original culture, which brings us a legacy of respect for nature. Keeping these cultures alive, giving them value and promoting them is one of the objectives we have at ANDINA.