old About Us

We became fast friends when our teenage children were in preschool in Connecticut. Flash forward to 2020 and many months of shared conversations and miles walked along our beautiful beaches, THINGSILOVE203 was actualized. Using our extensive backgrounds in luxury fashion and home interiors, we decided to share the imagery that spoke to us ~ Simply put THINGS WE LOVE. The 203 is an homage to our home town, Westport, Connecticut.

Dori was raised in the US and Switzerland to an American mother and Israeli father.  Terri was raised in Cape Town and educated in South Africa and New York.  Both students of Art History, with career experience in couture fashion, high-end contemporary furniture and interior design, THINGSILOVE203 draws on our International upbringing and passion for finding rare and undiscovered objects of beauty and craftsmanship.  

Our collections will take you around the globe from runways to forests, from pulsing cities to remote islands.