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 Handmade ceramics from Portugal with an unusual name! Egg Back Home was born in 2019 out of a dream of reconnecting with “the self.” An Egg is the symbol of life translating loosely to the idea of birth and home. “Back Home” is the journey, the reunion with self and the reminder of where we come from. It is unique to all of us. Creator and Founder Tami Pizzetti used these very personal ideas to energize and give life to her brand. Egg Back Home is for all those who find happiness in the small memories of life…a slower breakfast, an at- home party in the company of those we love.

DUXSTYLE offers a variety of colorful ceramic cake plates perfect for all of your entertaining needs.  Egg Back Home cake displays make the perfect hostess gift. Shop the complete collection below. 

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  • EGG BACK HOME- Pink Party Cake Stand
    EGG BACK HOME- Pink Party Cake Stand - DUXSTYLE
    Egg Back Home
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