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What Home Decor Style Are You?


Do you love a glam sparkly environment with plush, shaggy fabrics and rugs, sparkly crystal lighting, and smooth, mirrored surfaces? Or do you prefer an open space with raw concrete floors, sparse furniture and a monochromatic palette? Perhaps you feel most at home in a rustic, country-styled environment, or maybe a breezy, easy beach vibe is more your thing? The key to creating a home you will never want to leave, is to KNOW what home decor style speaks to your soul and fits your lifestyle. 

Your home is really more than a simple expression of your style. It is also a reflection of your habits, moods, family set-up, likes and lifestyle. The secret to creating your ideal environment (regardless of budget) is to understand what makes you happy and to create a space that speaks to who you are and what you love to surround yourself with. 

Here’s a quick list of identifying questions to get you started:

First we’ll focus on your needs and lifestyle:

  1. Casual or formal?
  2. Do you live alone or have a large family?
  3. Do you entertain?
  4. Do you have a particular collection or passion that you’d like to highlight?
  5. Do you live in a warm or cold climate?

Now let’s consider your aesthetic:

  1. Bright colors or neutrals?
  2. Highly designed or relaxed and informal?
  3. Country or city?
  4. Clean lines or curves and flourishes?
  5. Minimalist or Maximalist (or somewhere in between)?

Looking through instagram feeds, scouring the web, perusing magazines and learning about different interior design styles can help you define what you like and what speaks to you. Once you have a starting point, and have considered your needs, you can begin the magical journey of creating your ideal home.