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Making a House a Home

I can’t remember when I became a collector, but I know I was very young. Initially it was all things tiny… markers, houses, tea cups. If it was a miniature version of the real thing, I coveted it. Like most girls of my generation, I later moved on to stickers, dolls, erasers… whatever fad was consuming my little world at the time. Today my collecting habits are somewhat overshadowed by my minimal home aesthetic and need for organization. If I don’t absolutely LOVE something, it’s not going to last very long in my wardrobe, or on display in my home. UNLESS… it has some form of sentimental value. If it’s not something I would display, it goes into a labeled, large plastic container and is stored. Over the years, items of sentiment have changed. I’ve moved through life’s chapters, acquiring the things that had meaning at a particular time. 

Organizing special art and artifact collections in a home can be a challenging task, but with proper planning and design, it can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to any space.

Size and Scale

It is always important to first consider the overall style and aesthetic of your home. This will help you determine the best way to display your pieces, as well as what types of pieces will complement your existing decor. Next, consider the size and scale of your pieces. Large pieces may require a dedicated wall or room for display, while smaller pieces can be incorporated into a gallery wall or incorporated into other decor.


It's also important to consider the lighting in the room. Proper lighting can highlight the beauty and details of your pieces, while poor lighting can make them look dull and unappealing. 


When arranging your collection, consider grouping similar pieces together, such as all sculptures or all paintings. This will create a cohesive and visually pleasing display.

Sentimental Value

Finally, consider the sentimental value of your pieces. If a piece holds special meaning to you, consider displaying it in a prominent location where you will see it often.

Organizing special art and artifact collections in a home requires careful consideration, but can be a meaningful trip down the alleys of your life. Enjoy the process, take time to consider each piece and its value in your collection and your home, and you will create a home filled with memories of a life well lived.