Have you ever considered the enormous impact that your home environment has on your well being and mental health? Waking up to a messy kitchen or walking into a laundry room filled to the brim with dirty clothes does not make for a peaceful start to the day! (At least not for me). Our homes are more than just a physical space. Beyond offering shelter and reflecting our personalities and style, our homes are a place of refuge from the outside world. Small (and inexpensive) changes can have an amazingly positive impact on your day to day life. Although some work may be required, like organizing and decluttering, I’m pretty sure the end result will be well worth it. 

Let’s get started!

  1. When you walk into your home you want it to feel inviting and harmonious. Start by creating a welcoming entrance (be it from your garage into a mudroom or through your main entrance). This could be something as simple as beautiful, soothing wall colors that make you feel calm, a plush rug, and a vase filled with fragrant, fresh flowers. I recommend having somewhere for everything to go…  be it your coat, shoes, umbrella, keys or sunglasses!!! Apart from keeping everything neat and tidy, you’ll know where everything is! If your shoes are kept in bins below a bench in your mudroom, have an extra on hand for guests. 
  2. Once you’ve stepped inside, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed by a home filled with clutter, unopened mail, and STUFF everywhere. DECLUTTERING is KEY to a calming environment. Once you’ve thrown out or donated everything that you no longer need, create a place for everything!!!! I recommend a bin for mail, or better yet a mail organizer with different compartments for family members. Make sure that spouses and kids are clearing their mail at least every few days. I recommend a wall mounted organizer to maximize all your surface space. I ADORE wall mounted leather pouches which you can order on Amazon or Etsy.
  3. Start with your shared spaces and slowly work your way into the bedrooms. A good check-list or to-do list may look something like this:
  • Mudroom shoe bins
  • Mudroom Coat closet
  • Install coat hooks
  • Install mail wall mounted organizer
  • Declutter shelves and desk drawers
  • Organize entrance coat closet
  • Kitchen cupboards and drawers (make sure your kitchen is logically organized, with pots and pans easily accessible, as well as cutting boards)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry room - I like to have a clear large shelf available for folding and clean clothes. This requires family members to pick up their clothes daily.
  • If your kids wear school or sports uniforms, make sure there is a large bin for each child, from which they can easily grab required items before rushing out the door.
  • Linen closets - It helps to label shelves for different size bedding and towels. Mine is labeled for queen sheets and duvet covers, king sheets and duvet covers, standard shams and king shams, as well as bath towels, bath sheets and hand towels. 
  • Any other common areas? Playroom shelves and cupboards, dining buffet, bar, etc. 

You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel once the common spaces are organized, and how much easier it will be to find what you’re looking for.

4. Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping our perceptions and moods. Natural light has been proven to boost mood and productivity, so make the most of it by keeping curtains open during the day. Additionally, invest in adjustable lighting options to create different atmospheres for various activities. Soft, warm lighting in the evenings can promote relaxation, while bright, cool lighting is ideal for tasks that require focus.

5. The healing power of nature is undeniable, and incorporating natural elements into your home environment can have a positive impact on your mood. Consider adding indoor plants, opening windows to let in natural light, or introducing materials like wood and stone to evoke a sense of the outdoors. These simple changes can create a more calming and rejuvenating atmosphere within your home.

6. And don’t forget to make your space your own. Highlight your interests, loves, style and the people you love. A photo wall is a great way to decorate (be it black and white images in unified black frames, or a haphazard collection of bright family snaps in an array of mismatched frames). Seeing your favorite peeps smiling as you walk upstairs or enter your home is sure to have a positive impact on your emotions.

7. Don’t neglect your bedroom! A good night’s sleep is crucial to productivity and enhanced cognitive function. If you’ve already invested in a good mattress and pillows, focus on the colors in the room, the textures of the bedding, and remove all electronics if you can stand it.

8. Lastly, don’t forget to spoil yourself to some gorgeous home accessories and special items to make your home beautiful and functional for both entertaining and just living. To that end, we’ve got you covered!