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Anne Donze and Vincent Chagnon are the artistic team behind Anvi Glass Studio.  Hailing from France, Anne Donze studied at the National School of Applied Arts of Barcelona and learned the art of glass sculpture at the Cerfav in Lorraine. Vincent Chagnon is a Canadian born artist who studied at the Espace Verre School in Montreal. Together they work in Lancrans, France, creating glass sculptures that tell stories. The major theme of their work is the notion of confinement as well as privacy.  Their paths converged in Montreal in 2010 and they have been creating and exhibiting ever since.    

Tell us about your working dynamic and how you work together? 

We have worked together since 2010. Typically we begin with drawings, working independently. Once we each have a concept, we begin to work together and collaborate. It is in this exchange that our true vision is realized and our vision starts to take shape and develop into the final piece. 

How does your environment (Lancrans, FR) shape your work and tell us something special about your town?

Our village is between the mountains Jura and Alps.Our village is very quiet. We love to go trekking, go mushrooming, or swim in a lake. Our glass studio is in an elementary school and everybody can come to see us at work.  


Explain the inspiration for your collections

Our art glass collection was born while completing an artists’ residency at the Carmaux Museum of Glass France. Our original message and inspiration was to highlight the waste and consumption so prevalent in our culture. The glass “plastic bag” is a nod to that. 


Is there another medium that interests you and that you would explore in the future? 

Yes! When we arrived in our tiny village, we became friends with a very talented leathersmith, who introduced us to the complexity and richness of the material. We have been exploring ways of combining glass and leather and have created some pieces that seamlessly combine the two. 


Who are your favorite artists and how did they influence your work? 

We love the music and film artistry of David Lynch. 


Here's a glimpse of ANVI!