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Embracing the inevitable BACK TO SCHOOL frenzy

It’s always difficult to shift gears from a summer schedule to a full-on school routine. Coupled with the inevitable cooling temperatures and less outdoor time, parents and kids can be feeling a little wistful. In between school supply shopping, carpool planning, schedule organizing, and appointment booking, take some time to consider how your home environment could put a positive spin on all this. Let’s take a look at some easy and effective ways to get you and your kids motivated and excited about the new school year!

A designated quiet space to study can work wonders for both creativity and family bonding. If you don’t have space for a dedicated study room, consider transforming a quiet corner. You’ll need a functional desk, good lighting, outlets, and comfortable seating. A well placed chalkboard or white board can serve as an interactive hub for reminders and creative doodles, infusing the space with a classroom-like charm.

To make the space fun and appealing,, consider vibrant and inspirational wall art, some fun, colorful desk accessories, and personal touches that your child will respond to, and feel drawn to. This could be a fun project to take on with your kids! 

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Organizing all that extra curricular paraphernalia (hockey sticks, soccer cleats, shin guards, footballs, tennis rackets, etc.) can make a world of difference. Don’t let clutter get the best of you this year! Find a specific area in your garage or entryway/mudroom for sports gear storage. Consider hooks, shelves, cubbies and bins, and label each so that things are easy to find when the bus is coming in 2 minutes! If your laundry room is upstairs, leave a hamper in this area of dirties that need to be washed immediately. Once the basics are established, you can focus on the fun stuff… making it all look amazing! Be sure to use storage solutions that compliment your home’s aesthetic. You can have a lot of fun with storage bins, hooks and labeling. 

While embracing the functional spaces associated with back to school, don’t forget about your main living space. Now’s the time to update your throw pillows, throws and other cozy touches so that your house becomes the one that all the adults, kids and dogs in the neighborhood want to hang out at. 

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Seize this opportunity to refresh your home, have some fun, bond with your kids, and create essential spaces in your home. By doing so, you'll be well-prepared to welcome the cooler months with open arms. Embrace this season of change and transformation, both in your personal style and in the spaces where memories are made.