DUXSTYLE SUPPORTS ISRAEL: Announcing an exciting collaboration! thingsilove203

DUXSTYLE SUPPORTS ISRAEL: Announcing an exciting collaboration!

DUXSTYLE is a Jewish, women owned business. We are passionate and fully invested in helping Israeli communities in any way that we can. 

With the threat of an economic crisis, which could further hinder recovery post war, we feel it is critical to support Israeli small businesses and to contribute to an economy that has given the world breakthrough discoveries in science, medicine and technology. Often referred to as the “Startup Nation”, innovative Israeli companies have attained global recognition in the fields of cyber security, medical technology and research, agriculture, biotechnology and Aerospace. This tiny country is diverse in culture, population and topography, weaving a beautiful tapestry that is rich in experiences and history. 

While past conflicts have had little impact on the Israeli economy, due in part to their brevity, the current situation with Hamas promises to be a more protracted war, impacting far more Israelis than ever before, and ultimately causing supply chain issues and economic difficulties. 

As such, we have undertaken to focus our current attention on securing a curated collection of the finest in Israeli home and fashion accessories. Our philanthropic objectives and personal ties to the land have led us to discover an array of magnificent pieces, and an area of Israeli excellence that is little known state-side. While most google searches for Israeli fashion and home accessories yield a slew of Judaica and flag related products, we have foregone the online search, and have teamed up with a design expert based in Tel Aviv who has deep roots within the design community. Galit Reismann of TLVstyle, has worked for many years at the highest levels of the Israeli art, fashion, and Interiors scene. Cultivating luxe cultural tours for exclusive clientele, she is a respected curator, collector, and collaborator with some of Israel’s top designers and artists. 

Over the course of the next 3 months, with Galit’s expert assistance, we will be introducing exciting new collections from the best designers Israel has to offer. Mindful of our sweet spot price point, we have endeavored to stick to a “mid range” price offering, making most items accessible and affordable. 

We look forward to taking you on our exciting new journey, as we delve into the design process, meet the artists, and bring their beautiful creations to you. In addition to offering alluring items for sale, we plan to offer rich and educational content, giving you insight into everyday life in Israel right now, the impact of war on daily life, and, of course, the stories of our resilient and talented creators. We are proud to bring you a selection of amazing products, which combine the DUXSTYLE aesthetic of excellence, style and quality, with our overwhelming love for Israel and our desire to promote and support this incredible country.