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Current Trends in Women’s Fashion?

In my 20’s and 30’s, while working at Prada and in the industry at large, fashion trends played a different role in my life than they do today. The significance of the literal interpretation of trend was overt, and demanded head to toe adherence. As I grow and mature into my (very) late 40’s, I want trends, but also subtlety and an understated sophistication while still being relevant. The balance lies in marrying trend with functionality. 

Where do fashion trends come from? Firstly, let’s begin with a definition.  A fashion trend is a specific look or aesthetic across a population at a specified point in time.  Trends can be dictated by the fashion industry, street styles, celebrities, influencers and the like. They may also be impacted by social, political, and economic conditions.  

Three current fall/winter 2022 fashion trends that we have incorporated into our buy at DUXSTYLE (formerly Thingsilove203) are:

  1. Hot Pink
  2. Utilitarian
  3. Neck Scarves

The hot pink trend is bold, powerful, aggressive and feminine. Seen on the runways of Valentino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Act No.1 as well as at the Met Gala and onthe street, bright pink is a major player.  Give it try with these DUXSTYLE favorites.

Miravidi Ice Ring $50   


Evolve Fragment Mini Bag  $375     


Linenbags Studio Puffer Scarf $65

Utilitarian trends of cargos and neutrals are back for the fall season. From leather bombers to sturdy durable bags, this subtle military style is hot.  Enjoy these from Casa Natura.



Casa Natura Megan Clutch $40


 Casa Natura Key Ring $40 

The neck scarf trend including large scarves and those with deep red/berry tones are especially popular for the season.  FYI, Red is another big trend so consider the scarf below doubly trendy!   Go you…

 Loom Weaving Braided Knit Scarf $225

Zero15 Scarf $120

Embrace your inner fashionista and, most importantly, balance being trendy with feeling good about yourself.  Happy shopping!