With the end of our first official year approaching, we've been reflecting back to how things got started... who we were, and where we were in our lives then and now. It's been a phenomenal learning curve... both personally and professionally. Last summer, as we launched our site, we knew nothing about coding, SEO, graphic design or how to run a business. We spent hours setting up filing systems, ordering packaging material, creating spreadsheets, and searching, searching, searching for the most amazing, unique, exquisite pieces to showcase and sell. Through it all, we continued out daily instagram inspirational posts, which have been the mainstay since November 2020. We launched the site with 10 International lines, and made it a priority from the start to showcase our artists / designers, and the vast regions that they come from. Today we have 50 collections, have introduced TILART, an online gallery of the playful and fun objet we LOVE, and we continue to search for fashion and home accessories and finds from around the world on a daily basis. While our time is equally divided between web development, social media focus, communicating with our client base and suppliers, the majority of our time, and the core focus of our efforts is curation. To that end we have expanded to include an extensive men's collection. 

Our collection of 50 designers and artists represent all five continents and 24 countries.

Our story is just getting started. 

Here are a few fun facts about us:


  1. Since I could walk I used to carry at least two bags with me wherever I went. My family nicknamed me ‘the bag lady.’
  2. My childhood career ambition was to be a ballerina and a runway model 
  3. I met my husband in college and we have two beautiful children, Mia (15) and Jonah (13)
  4. I am one of 4 girls and my husband is one of 4 boys…imagine the culture shock! 
  5. A career defining moment for me was opening the Prada Soho store designed by Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas. 


  1. I left South Africa at the age of 21 to study at Sotheby's, NYC. My dream was to become an art buyer and build important personal and family collections. 
  2. I married my college boyfriend and we have been together for 31 years... and married for almost 24. We have 3 amazing kids, Amber (21), Aaron (18) and Jack (15). 
  3. Growing up in South Africa in the '70's and 80's was an idyllic and confusing (political) time. My absolute favorite thing to do (when I wasn't at gymnastic practice or the tennis court) was to ride around on the back of my dad's motorcycle looking at show houses and real estate. We'd knock on the doors of the most spectacular and ask for a peak inside. My love for design and architecture was informed on those special high speed trips.