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Great Gifts for the Home

When I look around my home, it is the tokens of love from family and friends that warm my heart and really make a space feel like home. I never forget who gifted me a beautiful candle, vase, dish, or a yummy throw blanket. The little indulgences that I may not buy for myself, but somehow, have become an integral part of my environment, have meaning beyond their beauty or utility. 

If you’re like me, GIVING the perfect gift feels even better than receiving one, and no doubt you spend time considering who you are gifting, what their tastes are, and hope that they will love the token as much as you do. While this can be a daunting feeling, especially if you’re buying a gift for someone who’s home you’ve never visited, we’ve got a long list of safe bets that will almost always hit the spot!

  • Gorgeous Vase with fresh cut flowers from your garden

Flowers are ALWAYS a safe and loved gift, but make your gesture even more special by gifting an exquisite vase, which will last, and become part of the recipient’s most special possessions.

This vase is by the Danish Company, HUBSCH INTERIORS, and is a soft pink crystal. Its minimal, modern design makes it ideal for both a contemporary and more traditional home, and its sheer elegance makes it the perfect display piece, with or without flowers.

Hubsch Slim Block Vase, 7" x 2", $75 

  • Candles

 Somehow there is nothing more indulgent than the fragrance of a beautiful candle. Additionally, candles look really beautiful on a coffee table, bedside table, powder room shelf and kitchen island, even when they’re not burning! Available in a wide price range, and endless colors and designs, candles are always IN. 

If you’re looking for fun and flirty, go with a fruity scent and brightly decorated candle, like one (or more) from the FLAMINGO CANDLES collection.

FLAMINGO CANDLES VACA VIBE, Burn time: 40 hours, $25./each

If you’re looking for something a little more demure, with a sophisticated, alluring scent, consider COUSU DE FIL BLANC’s gorgeous offerings. Available in rich ceder, black tea, nude and Indigo, these Parisian handmade candles, with hand stitched label details, are a cut above!


  • Something for the home office is bound to be seen and used daily. We adore these gorgeous DUDU BAGS Italian leather-clad trays, in both round and square versions. The vibrant colors and luxurious leather makes them a beautiful house-warming gift.

DUDU BAGS, Round Tray $120, Square Tray  $80.

  • Something for the BAR is always a great gift… be it glasses or a tray, a corkscrew or coasters. Our go-to gift of choice right now, is a set of 6 cut crystal whisky low ball glasses, with a little surprise at the bottom! The set comes with 3 clear and bright pink glasses and 3 clear and turquoise blue glasses. 

PERLE D’ARTE, Pedro Y Rosa Skull Tumblers $125./set of 6

FLECK INDIA, Coasters in 2-tone $50./set of 4, Corkscrew $40

 And don’t forget a special hand written note for an added touch of love xo