It's that time of year again - long sun-filled days, family time, nights out with friends and the ease of outdoor entertaining. To that end, it’s time to get your outside living space in amazing shape! Whether it’s just a minor spruce up like a power wash and re-hanging your favorite hammock, or something more complex like buying new outdoor furniture, creating beautiful areas for entertaining and relaxing, it’s time to get started!

Before hitting the stores, we suggest you take a full inventory of what you already have. Perhaps you can freshen up  the furniture you have by replacing cushions, adding a few potted plants to the area, and considering an outdoor area rug. 

If you’re ready for a complete overhaul, consider the following before splurging on pieces that are not durable and won’t look great in a few years. We’re big believers in quality and sustainability when it comes to large purchases… even if it takes a little while to pay for it! 

Before you get started, try to have a basic design aesthetic in mind. This will help you to hone in on the pieces that you like through both online searches and browsing through stores or magazines, While we recognize that we’re not all blessed with a brilliant eye, most of us do know what styles we like, the colors that we are drawn to, and the vibe we feel most at home in. Perhaps it’s the memory of your childhood home, a great hotel you’ve stayed in, or even a vacation spot that makes you feel alive? 

Once you’ve decided on your dream outdoor look: modern and minimal, colorful and bright, woody and natural… (you get the idea), consider the scope of your project. Do you have a pool area that requires some new chaises, gorgeous towels, lighting? Do you want to upgrade your barbeque with something more functional and permanent? Do you want to add shade with an awning or free standing pergola? If the answer is ALL OF IT, consider tackling one project a year until your space is exactly what you want it to be. 

We’ve broken down some key (and obvious) consideration points, with some tips that we’ve learned from designing and redesigning (and resigning) our own, and clients’ homes. 


Design your space and determine what you need to make that happen. Consider the layout, flow, functionality and the furniture and pieces you’ll need. 

We like to create paper folders to help us get the perfect look.

You might want to label them as follows:

  • Inspirational images and colors
      1. Design layout (you don’t have to be an architect or designer) - just a basic layout of what you want will help you stay focused when shopping. This may evolve as you start using the space. 
  • Furniture list
  • A basic furniture list may look something like this:

    • Table and chairs / benches to seat (insert your own number)
    • Umbrellas  - consider how many you’ll need to provide shade in various areas 
    • Lounge seating and coffee table
    • Pool furniture 
  • Grill
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
    • Planters
    • Area rug
    • Lighting
    • Cushions
    • Towels
    • Dining and Barware
  • Budget
  • Purchases and delivery schedule

    Once you have your folders labeled, an idea of your basic aesthetic, and a basic design layout, you can begin in earnest. Your online shopping will be targeted and easy. 

    We’d love to hear about your outdoor design projects and answer any questions you may have! Happy designing, shopping and of course HAPPY SUMMER!